The Ultimate Guide to Brand Safety with Online Ads

Corporates losing over 40% of investment as bots, fake ad traffic hit viewability


Corporates investing in digital advertising appear to be losing nearly half of their investment due to various reasons, particularly fraud.


New ad formats and channels, such as video or mobile, apart from websites, have turned out to be a breeding ground for fraud.

“Bots, developed by fraudsters, are deployed to engage with the ads, which leads to a massive dip in viewability,” says Rahul Vengalil, CEO of What Clicks, a digital media audit firm.

The fraud is typically carried out by creating fake ad traffic using content-scraping websites or other environments, getting bots to click on the ads, launching ads outside of a user’s view, or creating other fictitious mechanisms to deliver advertisements that are not seen by consumers.

As per the Media Rating Council (MRC) standard of viewability, an ad impression is considered viewed if 50 per cent of the ad space is seen by a ‘human’ for 1 second for a static ad, and 2 seconds for a video ad.

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