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Mobile tracking and marketing firm AppsFlyer said in a new study that mobile app marketers were exposed to $700 million to $800 million in ad fraud in the first quarter of 2018, up 30 percent compared to the quarterly average for 2017.

The most affected apps are of Shopping, gaming, finance, and travel verticals. The share of fraudulent app installs has grown by 15 percent, tainting 11.5 percent of all marketing-driven installs. Today, AppsFlyer launched a new annual initiative it calls #FoolsNoMore. The initiative includes a series of educational resources for marketers (including this report) that the company hopes will increase fraud awareness.

The company said that fraud comes in waves.

“When new protective measures are introduced, fraudsters adapt, which leads to new measures, and the cycle continues,” AppsFlyer said. “Fraud has become a high stakes arms race, as both sides are becoming increasingly sophisticated.”

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