Our Process

Device Identification

ML based algorithms to identify a device without depending on traditional solutions

Unique Algorithms

Multiple checks through Telco and Web network, making the algorithms unique in the industry


System searches multitude of anomalies within traffic to identify instances of device manipulation

Simple Integration

Simple JS

Simple JS

Simple javascript based integration with plug and play setup within 1-2 steps

Hassle Free

Hassle Free

Executed in the background only. No customer interaction is necessary.


Seamless Flow

Option to pass the form information which is further validated at our end.



Conversion wise reports provides a snapshot of the associated risk with each conversion.


Graphical Data Representation

Our machine learning algorithms scrutinizes complex fraudulent traffic across multiple partners.

Discovers fraud the moment it happens through our real time analysis.

Serves both branding and performance marketing campaigns.

Optimize traffic and deliver quality which can add value to your market presence.

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